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Never miss a beat with our Kiosk EPoS

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Everything you need to run your business

Practi turns your smart device into a 21st Century till, with an encrypted credit card reader, barcode scanner and simple connection to a thermal receipt printer, for smart business administration at your fingertips.

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Never miss a beat  with PRACTI's Kiosks EPoS system.

Your business moves at lightning speed, and you need an EPoS that can keep up. Made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, we've built an EPoS system with speed, flexibility, and efficiency at the front of our minds. We've transformed the way you take orders so you can obliterate those tedious queues by billing customers before they even reach the cash register. Moreover, you’ll get to grips with your ‘Reggie’ in no time with PRACTI’s sleek and intuitive design.

With your business moving so fast, you probably don't have a chance to sit down at a desk and painstakingly sift through your sales data. With the PRACTI, all essential data is stored on your Backoffice. Kiosks have notoriously limited space, meaning PRACTI’s insight into your popular items allows you to streamline your product offerings. Our data analysts do the hard work, so you don't have to!