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PRACTI Hospitality EPoS System

Manage your business from a single point of control with our Hospitality EPoS

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Everything you need to run your business

Practi turns your smart device into a 21st Century till, with an encrypted credit card reader, barcode scanner and simple connection to a thermal receipt printer, for smart business administration at your fingertips.

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Manage your business from a single point of control with PRACTI's Hospitality EPoS

In the hospitality industry, customer service is everything. Meet their every need with our amazingly user-friendly, sleek interface. It takes not time at all to master your ‘Reggie’, so taking orders is quick and easy. What's more, PRACTI’s simple design means you’ll never make an error in ordering again. Built for the hospitality industry, PRACTI combines ultra-fast serving capabilities with the tools you need for unbeatable customer service.

You know better than anyone that there are busy times, and even busier times of the day for your business. Analyse your most popular times during the day (or night) to make sure you are never understaffed. In short, PRACTI gives you the data you need make sure you are always prepared to meet your customer’s needs.