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PRACTI - Tutorial No. 10   
Taking payment on the Practi Epos 

Your product catalogue in your Reggie is probably looking amazing right now. The customers are lining up and want to buy your products. In this video, I show you how to process their payments on your Reggie. Check out how easy this is:

1. First, take someone's order. When you click done, the order will display on the right hand side of the page.

2. Say someone wants to pay with cash, in the bottom right hand corner you will see the cash button. Click on that and you can input how much cash the customer gives you.

3. Once you’ve inputted this data, a digital receipt will appear on your screen outlining how much change is due to the customer. You can also choose to send a receipt to a customer, digitally by using their email address, or physically by printing.

4. What if they want to pay with card? Processing the transaction is just as easy. Remember to connect your iZettle. If you’re unsure on how to do this, refer to the previous tutorial.

5. Process the customer’s order and it will display on the right hand side of the screen again.

6. Instead of selecting cash, click on ‘Charge’ and the iZettle dialogue will pop up asking for a card to be inserted or swiped.

7. You can also enter the credit card details manually, if you don't have the addon by going to ‘Charge’ again and selecting the ‘Manual’ tab at the bottom of the page.

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