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PRACTI - Tutorial No. 12   
Setting up customers

Using PRACTI means you can keep track of specific customers using your Reggie. Transactions these customers undertake will be attached to their customer profile. How cool is that? In order to attach transactions to customers and set up customers on your Reggie, follow these steps:

1. Setting up your first customer on your store is easy. Just go to the select customer tab in the top right corner of your Reggie, and then click, Add New customer.

2. Now PRACTI will allow you to fill out a few details about your customer.

3. When your customer comes to check out at your store, take their order, but before accepting payment, click the select customer tab which will now offer you the opportunity to attach the sale to your customer.

4. If you forget to attach the sale to your customer, no problem.

5. Go to the top left hand corner and click the settings icon.

6. This will take you to the ‘Sales history’ page, where you will see the transaction you forgot to attach to a customer.

7. Simply select the specific transaction, and to the right side of the screen you will see the ‘Attach customer’ tab. Click on this and then attach the customer who purchased the item.

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