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PRACTI - Tutorial No. 9   
Pairing the Reggie with the iZettle

Now your products are visible on the PRACTI app you want to start doing business. The customers are ready to buy your products, but PRACTI allows you to accept cards for payments. It does so using the iZettle device. Make sure you have this at hand! This video goes over the easy process of pairing your Reggie and the iZettle, meaning as many card payments as you like!

1. Start by turning on the bluetooth on your iPad.

2. Then, to turn on the bluetooth on your iZettle, hold down the green tick in the bottom right hand corner of the device until the bluetooth symbol on the screen begins to flash. This means the bluetooth is on and ready to pair!

3. Once the iZettle pops up on the iPad, click ‘Pair’ on the iPad screen.

4. You’ll also need to click the green tick on the iZettle device to pair the two.

5. Your iPad should notify you of the successful pairing.

6. To test it out, go back to the PRACTI app and charge a customer.

7. The iZettle should facilitate a card payment - note, you will have to log into your iZettle account first!

Make sure to watch our next tutorial on how to take payment with your iZettle device.