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PRACTI - Tutorial No. 1   
Creating your first store

The first step to working with practi EPoS system is creating a new store on the Practi backoffice. Just follow these few simple steps and your store will be good to go in no time.

1. Begin by opening your web browser and entering the address: backoffice.practi.net

2. Once you find yourself on the backoffice page, click on the yellow ‘Sign Up Now!’ text.

3. On the sign-up page, you will be asked to fill out some personal details.

4. Once completed, the backoffice will then ask you to fill out the details of your business.

5. Having entered in these details, you will then enter the business settings. The information you input here will appear on the customer recipt. Include the business name, contact details, a message to go at the bottom of the recipt and an image to be displayed at the top of the recipt, but make sure that the image will display sufficient detail in black and white.

6. Click Setup to finish this simple process!

Make sure to watch our next tutorial on how to add new items to your store.