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PRACTI - Tutorial No. 7   
Binding the Backoffice with a Reggie Step 1

This video is the first of two tutorial videos outlining how simple it is to ‘bind’ your back office to your iPad Reggie. It sounds like it might be complicated, but it really isn’t. Just follow the steps outlined in the videos and your Reggie will be set up in no time at all! Here are the steps in the first video:

1. To begin with, all you need to do is go to the menu bar displaying your name in the top right hand corner of PRACTI’s Back office. Click this tab, and, from the drop down menu, select the iPad/PoS tab.

2. When you’re on the iPad/PoS page, simply click on the blue box saying ‘Connect a device’.

3. By clicking this, you release a ‘New Device Log In Code’.

4. Make sure you keep this tab up when undertaking the steps in the next video!

5. You’re almost there

Make sure to watch our next tutorial on the second (and final) stage of connecting your backoffice to your Reggie.