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PRACTI - Tutorial No. 4   
Adding Variants to products

In this video, I outline the process of adding variants to products. This sounds like a complex process, but the Practi back office makes the entire process quick and easy. Adding variants is essential for products like T-Shirts that come in a range of different sizes and colours. These are the steps:

1. Go to your product catalogue and edit a specific product.

2. You’ll find yourself on the specific product page. Click on the ‘Variant tab’ on the menu bar. In this video, I’ve selected Pistachio Ice Cream.

3. Under the Attribute Name column, we can enter in the kind of variation we want. In this case, we want a variation in sizes. In the Attribute Value column, enter in your chosen options. For example: Small, Medium and Large.

4. Add further variants by adding another Attribute Name. In the video, I use ‘Cone’, with the values of Waffle and Plain.

5. The clever PRACTI Backoffice then generates sub-variants, with the option to change the price of each variation.

6. Simply click save, and the product’s variation will appear on the product catalogue!

Make sure to watch our next tutorial on how to add different Add-ons to your products.