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PRACTI - Tutorial No. 6   
Adding Products to your Reggie

You should, now, have your full product catalogue, complete with all the variants and addons. To make these products ‘live’ by adding them to your Reggie, follow the steps in this video. The process is so simple, and when complete, your Reggie interface will look amazing! Here are the steps:

1. When you open backoffice.practi.net, you’ll find yourself on the dashboard page. Look to your left and take a look at the sidebar. On the sidebar will be the ‘Store’ tab, click that to reveal a drop down menu. From this menu, select ‘Reggie button layout’. 

2. At the moment, your Reggie button layout will look blank, but we can easily change this.

3. The advanced search bar located above the product list allows you to filter your product by name and by category.

4. In this video, I filter my product catalogue to just ‘Ice Cream’.

5. Drag and drop each item onto your Reggie or click ‘Add all visible products’, to transfer them all.

6. Remember to name edit this section. In this video, I changed the name of the section to ‘Ice Cream’ and changed the icon to the Ice Cream symbol.

7. To add another Section, just click ‘Add New’.

8. Then, filter another category of products and transfer them to the new section in the Reggie. Edit accordingly, then you’re good to go. How simple!

Make sure to watch our next tutorial on the first stage of connecting your backoffice to your Reggie.