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PRACTI - Tutorial No. 2  
Adding a basic product

In this video, we outline the simple steps you need follow in order to add a basic product. In no time at all, you can name your product, edit it’s price, it’s cost, and select an image to be represented on your Reggie. Here are the steps:

1. Go to backoffice.practi.net and observe products button located on the left hand side of the screen. Click that, and you will find yourself on the empty product catalogue page.

2. To add a product, simply click the blue ‘Add New Product’ box located to the right of the Product Catalogue title.

3. As you can see, all you now need to do is fill in the details of your product. Start with it’s name.

4. Once you’ve filled in the name, the circular icon to the left of the screen will display the text of your product. This icon appears on the Reggie. You can drag and drop an image to replace the text, making a colourful Reggie screen.

5. When you’re happy with the product details, press save and you will return to your updated product catalogue!

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