Yuki Maruko - Katsu House

    "We absolutely love it, it's been very easy to set up, and we were able to import all of our information into the system easily. PRACTI helps us understand our customers better...helping to serve our customers better."

    Graham Bradbury - The Mac Factory

    "My favourite PRACTI feature is that we can go back as far as we need to compare sales. It's got great visibility, and this allows us to predict for the future. I definitely recommend PRACTI to everyone I know, it's such an easy system to use and invaluable in our business."

    Camden Tea Shop

    We use PRACTI whenever we do an exhibition, and we absolutely love it. Before that, it was just pen and paper. With PRACTI it's all there for you, and you can look at it in real time as well. We manage to track the stock from the warehouse, to all the different shops and the exhibitions as well. What we do, is we use the PRACTI report and we can easily do a stock report.


    We've been using PRACTI for a while now and it's amazingly easy to take our customers through the order process. Giving them the option to pay instantly by card payments, and we can even email them the receipt. PRACTI is an amazing tool for monitoring sales patterns. Not only does it help to see where you stand in terms of growth, but it also helps you plan stock control and staffing rota.

    Louisiana Chilli Shack

    It was really really easy to train myself to use the PRACTI app, just because it's so simple, because visually it's really really easy to use. Imagine your favourite app on the iPhone, it's exactly the same. The PRACTI backoffice, really helps with insights into our business, because we can see reports in real time... I can really tailor the business around that.


    We need to serve our customers really fast, they're here for lunch, they're always hungry and to best serve them, we have a wonderful new app by the name of PRACTI. I'm pretty sure it's short for practical, and it goddamn is practical. The PRACTI app is, easy to use, easily defined, it was incredibly easy to set up and the team were really useful at helping us go through it.