Self Service
Pay at
the Table
Order &

The Smart POS System

Use the POS fixed or go
with it from table to table.

Easily add POS Systems in the Backoffice

Ability to add and download funds easily if necessary

Support 24/7

The practical team lives and breathes its customers
All year round.

Easy to use

New employees are ready to start working

Self Service

Breaking lines and habbits . Allow your customers to save time and errors while your business saves money. Manage your self service in real-time from Practi's cloud soluton.


Would visit the store
more frequently


Increase in Average Spend


of staff able to help directly with
order preperation.

Effective linebusters

Changing the way you do busienss. With Practi's Self Service your customers don't need to wait in line, they an just quikcly order and shoot their orders to the kitchen with ease.

Opportunities for Add-ons

Flexible cloud based catalog. Add-on's, variants and much more all controlled in real-time using Practi's cloud.

Customer can get exactly
what the desire


Pay at the Table

A seamless point-of-sale system is essential for a busy restaurant
or food vendor to be successful.

Menu Card

A seamless point-of-sale system is essential for a busy restaurant
or food vendor to be successful.

Order & Delivery

Practi's Order & Delivery system allows your business to manage all your orders in one simple cloud based interface. If you have a single store or a chain of stores, Practi can provide you with an easy way to manage your orders either via phone, web or marketplace.

Work in a single branch
or a chain

Activate the abilities of managing multiple location orders. Delegate payments and execution of orders.

Supports call center
or orders online

Delegate execution of each order to a branch or prepare the orders at a central location. Delegate payment for click and collect orders as well as deliveries.

Customer receives real-time updates on the status of their orders

Keep the customer in the know real-time using push notifications, sms's and more.

Delivery people can be tracked

As a business you'll be able to track each of your delivery people. Delivery folks have their own system to track their income, rides and more.

All orders and delivery data accessable in real-time in the cloud

Delivery information lives in Practi's backoffice and can be tracked in real-time from any smart device.

Supports pick up and delivery by location/branch

Allow for a cerntral location to delgate delivery and pickup options. Ordres can be accepted via call center, website and market places.

Automatically be indentified when passing by or entering a store

With Practi Pay app, your customer can be auto identified when entering a store and pay by saying your name. That's it.

Receive rewards and benefits from visiting your favorite store or chain.

With the Practi Pay application, customers can now receive rewards, track purchases, provide feedback on products, locate stores around them and much more.

KDS - Kitchen Display System

Allows your kitchen to work efficiently and in a way to communicate with management and employees seamlessly.

Instant communications with customers

With Practi's KDS, the kitchen can instantly communicate with customers and employees.

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