Action Based Rewards

Let’s think about loyalty schemes for a moment.

Traditional loyalty schemes no longer suffice to entice customers in the same way they did 30 years ago. Consumers belong to an average of 13.4 loyalty programs but are active in only 6.7 (Bond). With engagement rates in loyalty programs at only around 50%, half of the country’s loyalty schemes are defunct, and in need of an overhaul.

With PRACTI, you’ll always have access to some incredibly creative technology. PRACTI’s consumer facing app revolusionised the way action based rewards are structured and delivered to consumers. We stand with consumers when we say the future of the loyalty schemes lies in mobile devices, with 73% of smartphone users are very interested or somewhat interested in saving loyalty cards to their smartphones (Vibes). You set the action based rewards to engage your customers in the real world based on their transactions and actions. So, your loyal customers might enjoy a 20% discount after they’ve visited your shop 5 times.

Or, if you want to have some fun…
Once your customers have downloaded an app, they’ll have the option to earn a discount or freebie of your choosing by performing an action, like hopping on one leg ten times. Each business is unique, with their unique customer persona. A one-size-fits-all loyalty scheme no longer appeals to millennials. PRACTI’s action based rewards represent the future of specialised reward schemes, with novel quirks you and your customers will love.


We're more than just good looking

Consumer Centric

71% of association donors say personalized messages make them feel more engaged (Abila). PRACTI’s consumer-centric intelligence offers the latest in personalised shopping experiences. After your customer's’ first interaction you’ll get to know them, personally.

On their first visit, your information will be limited, but you’ll still be able to make them feel at home by greeting them with a smile, and their name (if they want, they can always opt out). After their purchase, the intelligent PRACTI system remembers the customer and their shopping information. As the customer returns to buy more products, their profile is saved on your backoffice. Your employee will receive detailed information about their shopping history, meaning you can make helpful suggestions to address your customer's needs best.

Your servers will also see suggestions about what your customer might be interested in trying from similar customer’s data. In essence, you’ll better understand your customer’s needs, while at the same time, building a rapport that will keep them coming back.

Here at PRACTI, we’re always looking to make our services more efficient, and the work we are doing to improve our customer-centric intelligence is truly exciting. We’re working with our customers to provide the next generation of consumer-centric intelligence. With low-frequency Bluetooth signals, we’ll soon be able to provide individual cusotmer profiles, offering unrivalled data on your consumer habits. 

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