Hey, Support Engineer!
Help us make retail great again.

We're looking for you with the passion. With the sparkle in your eyes. With the fire ready to take over the world (in a peaceful way.obviously).


Have passion.

We're a startup; new to the UK scene and so we're looking for people with passion that want to help us start our European headquarters  

Be hands-on technical expert

Know how to setup and install hardware systems at a customer location. Great email and phone technical support skills. Have a great attention to detail. Have a passion for technical problems.

A documenter

Know how to document your ticket, Be organized and know how to handle priorities.

You're a master communicator

You broadcast to the team constantly. Making sure that the team is aligned and ready to rock. You've always provided support to those around you and you understand the retail domain.

You're curious, a great listener & a team player

You are hungry for knowledge. As part of this hunger you tend to be a great listener and provide real value to those around you. You understand the tramendous value in team and know how to play well with others.

Ready to get to work and join the PRACTI family?

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We love building fantastic products and services that make small businesses great

Unique Retail Experiences

We try to bring the "fresh" into retail with action based rewards, consumer centric approach and lots of data scientists

Amazing group of individuals

Ready to change the world together and usher in a new era of retail magic

For the Love of retailers

We love retailers and want to help them survive and grow. We love what we do & bloody brilliant.