Become the hottest coffee merchant in Town

If you’re interested in developing that cult status to which so many coffee shop owners aspire, you need to check out these tips we got from some of our users:

Keep the standards high.
Despite our well known penchant for a cup-of-tea, Brits take their coffee very seriously. Nearly all of us (80% in London) drink it daily. With more than 1,500 (Telegraph) coffee houses in London, competition is high. A momentary lapse, when roasting and not controlling the rise in temperature, can turn a prize brew into something nasty.
But attention to detail in the roasting process isn't enough. You can roast to perfection, but if you’re not roasting quality beans, you’re wasting your time. ‘The language of coffee is now a bit like the language of wine’ says Gordon James, the co-founder of Coaltown Coffee Roasters,’It’s all about traceability and provenance.' Finding the perfect bean is a voyage into the unknown, so be prepared to try a few duds before your ammunition presents itself.
Your concoction isn’t ready quite yet, however. Your road to the perfect cup isn’t complete without the right kit. Put it this way; Picasso didn’t paint with crayons. Lost are the subtleties that make your cup unique, when you put your beans through sub-par equipment.

Create a vibe:
Some business basics, next, that you can’t afford to ignore. First off, know your customers. Your customer persona depends on your location, your menu, and even your opening times. Now, put yourself in your customer's shoes. What do they want to see when they walk into their favorite coffee joint? Your customer persona should dictate how you design your whole place, from the barista’s aprons to the lighting. Becoming the hottest coffee merchant in town doesn’t mean having the most outrageous shop window, it’s about knowing who your customers are, and knowing what they want. 

Be unique:
The rise in artisan coffee purveyors has brought with it a swathe of individuality. Each artisan's joint has its own feng shui, an experience your customers buy into. You need something different, a USP, which makes you #1. Think about something you can do differently, like, putting something extra special on the menu, selling original merchandise, or hosting pioneering events that aren’t available anywhere. Doing something unique puts your coffee shop on the map. 

Build loyalty:
If you own a coffee shop, you have regulars (some you like more than others). But what if you’re not making these regulars feel special, or valued? Well, the simple answer is that they’re more likely to defect, and back another brand. Look after your locals, and they will look after you, providing regular business, and banter if you’re lucky. Here’s where Practi can help. With our ePOS system, you can get to know your locals, sending them promotional material, special offers and discounts. You can even create a customer leaderboard!