10 AUG

7 Helpful tips on how to serve customers professionally and faster

With any transaction, you should look to make a customer, and not just a sale. Good customer service has, time and time again, proven itself as a main pillar for creating a sustainable business model. To illuminate just how easy it is to maintain a healthy percentage of returning customers, we’ve composed a list of 7 helpful tips on how to maintain high standards when it comes to customer service.

Make sure your till is easy to operate. Sometimes, the greatest barrier to efficient customer service is an archaic, slow and cumbersome till. If this situation sounds familiar, it's a superb time to start looking at the EPoS alternatives. The best EPoS systems boast an intuitive register that are quick, reliable and easy to use. Make your employees life easier and speed up ordering times with up-to-date technology.

Remember their name. 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your customers. Furthermore, 75% of consumers say loyalty program are part of their relationship with brands (Bond). EPoS systems offer a great way to reward your customer’s loyalty. Keep them coming back by reaching out and offering exclusive, personalised, discounts.

Offer contactless. As of April 2016, there are a total of 88.1 m contactless cards in issue in the UK. If you’re yet to offer contactless, you’re already losing revenue. Not only are you losing revenue, but you’re also slowing down the serving process. Contactless and Apple Pay take less time than chip and pin, and even less time still than cash. As pointed out by one of our traders at Camden Market, Tom, of Magic Falafel, “contactless payments make you look professional, and the customers love it”.

Register mobility obliterates queues. You’re obviously doing something right if queues are stretching out of your door. However, queues represent a risk to businesses. The Telegraph estimates that queues cost U.K. retailers ~£1bn a year. An EPoS system offers a solution to this perennial problem. Take your customer’s order before they even reach the till with a mobile register. This technology enjoyed great success in Apple’s stores and is now available to all SMEs in the form of an EPoS!

Let the till do the math. Put your fingers away and let your till do the counting! When we spoke to our clients at Camden Market, Carla of Churros Camden told us that what she loved about her new EPoS was that she no longer had to do mental math whenever the customer’s order was just a bit complicated. Unless you’re a maths nerd, you’ll speed up the ordering process and make your customers day!

Incentivise your employees. The best EPoS systems offer insights into employee performance. With PRACTI’s backoffice, for example, you’ll be able to compare how branches are performing, and even see individual employee sales. Instigate some friendly competition among employees for who can sell the most products and watch service standards improve and sales rocket.

Never get your order wrong. Nothing frustrates a customer more than a messed-up order. When a customer comes to your shop, they expect to have their product just how they like it, and they most certainly don't expect to receive something they didn't order. With an icon for each product, PRACTI’s EPoS maximises usability and vastly simplifies the process, reducing the exposure to error. Furthermore, our Cloud-based system means your customer’s order will never be lost.