11 AUG

6 reasons to get an iPad EPOS

You’ve seen them - Those iPads that everybody seems to be using as a till, Amazing, isn't it?
Here’s six reasons why you need one too:

Reason No. 1 - They look cool!
First things first, you need an iPad because they make you look awesome! POWERDRESSING, an original 80s and 90s clothing shop located in The Camden Stables Market, said that their customer’s were loving their iPad ePOS. So, not only are iPad ePOSs hugely practical, as we will go on to see, but they add a professional quality to your shop. 

Reason No. 2 - They help you Build customer loyalty.
80 % of consumers surveyed in this study said they we’re more likely to do business with a brand that offers a loyalty program. What does this mean? Well, two things. Firstly, by not providing a reward program, you’re losing out on potential customers. Secondly, if your competitors have a reward scheme, then they’re the ones stealing your customers. With an iPad ePOS like ours, you can connect with customers with ease and build deep relationships. We store your customer’s data in the cloud, so not only is it protected with bank-level encryption, but the data is phenomenally detailed, too. Give your customer a sign that you appreciate their loyalty with our highly advanced action based rewards when they buy a certain amount of products or spend a given amount in store. All these capabilities are available only from an ePOS.

Reason No. 3 - They help you grow your business with using data and creating business insights.
For some retailers, embracing big data leads to an increase in operating margins by 60% (McKinsey&Co). With the stakes this high, you cannot afford to neglect the collection of big data. Historically, this collection of data was expensive, time-consuming, and, often, not very illuminating. This was, until, the ePOS came along. A good ePOS generates data and updates in real-time, giving insights of your shop’s performance. What’s more, with Practi, all this information is on your phone. Look out for ePOS software that provides data for specific products, customers, employees, busiest hours, and inventory suggestions.

Reason No. 4 - They help you Manage your employees. 
CBI/Pfizer’s recent Absence and Workplace Health Survey, which found that absenteeism is costing the UK economy a staggering £14 billion a year. With an advanced ePOS system, you’ll receive data on employee performance. This set includes sales data as well as clock in and out times.

Reason No. 5 -  They help you manage stock efficiently.
almost half of the world’s food is thrown away. Sometimes, just how much of your stock you throw away isn’t immediately apparent, especially if you’re not keeping a record of how much you’re binning. Inventory management on some ePOS systems means you can record your wastage. This information provides invaluable insights on stock management and waste minimisation. We think ePOS systems are the best way to manage stock!

Reason No. 6 -  They're a real space saver. 
If till space is limited in your shop or kiosk, then you may have been put off buying a traditional till. We can’t blame you. They’re big, bulky, and, well, UGLY! Save space with an ePOS, especially an iPad ePOS with it’s sleek and minimalist construction.