6 Features you NEED in an EPoS

Choosing the right EPoS system is an imperative ingredient for all growth oriented businesses. If you're a retailer, hospitality or a QOTC business owner and have set your eyes on growth, make sure you next EPoS system has the following features. 

For goodness sake, make sure set-up is quick and easy
If you’re reading this, you're probably a bit baffled by the technical jargon surrounding the EPoS. The good news is, setting up your EPoS doesn’t have to be extraordinarily time-consuming or at all confusing. However, whether or not setting up an EPoS system is quick and easy is not immediately obvious from a website.
FEAR NOT, the best EPoS providers offer free trial periods, in essence, a chance for you to get to grips with your EPoS before you decide whether to adopt the technology. Contact the provider and register interest, and see whether a trial period or introduction is available. Your time is precious, so the less time you spend untangling wires, the better! 

REAL customer care
As a business owner, you know how damaging it can be to close the doors of your business. In this way, you’re highly dependent on the company providing your software. Prolonged technical issues cost RBS £56 million in 2012, and on average, 776,000 people are affected by every IT failure. Now, there’s no reason why an EPoS system should malfunction, but if it does, you want to be sure there’s someone you can call who will make your issue their top priority. Judge an EPoS provider by reviews, found on their Facebook page. Better representations of customer service can be found on provider’s customer service Twitter accounts. Remember, it's not true that large companies necessarily have superior customer service. Many of the largest companies providing EPoS systems received scathing reviews from customers unsatisfied with their customer service. 

Protection and security
A study by the Van Meter Insurance Group finds that vulnerability to cyber criminals is the 6th biggest threat to SMEs. More at risk are large companies, but as Bianca Male and Kim Bhasin
Write, taking caution is an imperative, particularly because SMEs are less likely to recover from a cyberattack than larger companies. So, before you even consider how an EPoS system will help your business grow, it is essential to assess what EPoS providers can offer in the way of security and protection (this is sometimes called encryption). With bank-level encryption, PRACTI protects all your business’ information. It won't let you down! Knowing your information and personal details are safe will give you peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business. 

Reward your customer’s loyalty
The best EPoS softwares offer inbuilt, customizable, loyalty programmes, which are great ways to improve customer retention. Customer retention is essential for SMEs because 80% of customer’s revenue will come from 20% of your existing customers (Gartner Inc). According to Growth hackers, rewarding the loyalty of your customers boosts your reputation, giving you an edge in a competitive business environment. What's more, Growth hackers also found that time after time, loyalty programmes are an effective means of securing growth. With an EPoS, loyalty programmes are simple to implement and manage. 

Take your till with you!
If you frequently find yourself with queues backing onto the street outside your shop, you’ll really benefit from a mobile POS. When your till is effectively an iPad, you’re fully mobile and can take your customer’s order anywhere, meaning no more queues. 86% of UK customers avoid a shop if it’s queues are too long , so, by obliterating those tedious queues, you’ll give your customers one less reason not to visit your store! Furthermore, customer satisfaction will skyrocket and they’ll love not having to queue. Expect an increase in returning customers with this simple but innovative feature in some EPoS systems. 

Gives insights that matter
As the Harvard Business Review points out, ‘You can't change what you don't measure’. Business reports and analysis are essential for an overall performance, directing marketing efforts and growth. Make sure your EPoS gives you real insights into data that matters for your business. For example, with PRACTI, you can check out your best-performing branches, your best-selling products, and your top customers. In addition to the data being relevant and insightful, accessibility is also key. According to Bloomberg, we spend nearly 3 hours on our phone each day, and they rarely leave our side. So, you’ll really benefit from data available on your phone that updates in real-time.