5 small business blogs we love

Sir Francis Bacon published a book back in 1597 stating ‘Knowledge is power’ and he is absolutely correct! Time is limited so here’s 5 blogs that will educate you on running a SME business.

Small business

www.smallbusiness.co.uk This blog has everything needed for starting a business, all the way to running the business. This blog is constantly updated! No need to wait for a specific day until it updated. Everything on this blog is split into subsections for example, if I need help on finance but specifically loans, there is a sub section where I can find every ‘loan’ article written! Cool right? In the Q&A section you can see what questions individuals have asked and expert answers! You can create an account and ask any burning questions!

Business Matters

www.bmmagazine.co.uk Business Matters is actually a magazine! But the information it gives out is beneficial for SME’s. Great thing about this blog is the fact that it’s split up into every aspect a business needs to focus on. If you need advice in sales, well there’s a page for that! The information that is portrayed on this website is easy to understand! It is straight and simple English meaning any SME owner will be able to absorb the information (Even if it is your first time learning about it!)

Female Entrepreneur Association

www.femaleentrepreneurassociation.com Female Entrepreneur Association is a must for all the Female SME’s owners! This blog is tailored and specific to all females who are thinking about creating a business or are currently running a business! Female Entrepreneur Association has a stories webpage were readers can be inspired by females journey into setting up their business. This provides insight into what it takes to set-up and run a successful business! On top of this you can filter what you like. If you want to see how people turned their hobby into a business, you can! There is a lot of filters for this so start reading!


www.bdaily.co.uk BDaily is an online publisher that is ram packed with information! One of the best things about this website is the ‘Members News Section’ in which content is created by members of BDaily! You can see personal stories of success and struggles that they encountered on the way (Also they will give you tips!) BDaily mostly focuses on London and Yorkshire with their content so if you are situated in these areas then I would defiantly advise giving these a read! A unique features about BDaily is the fact that you can edit your news depending on your region and your sector! So if you are in the Hospitality business in London, just filter it out and there you go!


www.inc.com Inc is a US based magazine that is specifically for ‘Growing Companies’ which is perfect for SME’s! What we love about Inc is that fact that they break down each article to make it easier for everyone to understand! Also, they have featured authors that tend to be successful entrepreneurs or specialists so you know the content has been tried out by successful businesses! If you have specific goals in mind regarding your business such as ‘Sales growth’ then you can see every article written about how to achieve your goal. This can be filtered down into specific business operations such as Strategy, Sales, Marketing and many more!