10 AUG

4 Customer experiences you should avoid

Here’s a statistic to give you nightmares: 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service (RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report). You can’t afford even one slip-up with the stakes this high. We’ve outlined some common mistakes, but nothing unavoidable with the right Point Of Sale software. 

Getting their order wrong. Everyone is unique. Some people like their porridge sweet, some like it salty, and everyone else has their idea of perfection that fits between two extremes. In essence, our preferences are extensions of our personality. So, when your customer doesn't get what they ordered, you’re undermining their individuality, when, in fact, it should be celebrated. As I’m sure you know, it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience (Ruby Newell-Legner). If your business is always getting customer’s orders mixed up, you’ll greatly benefit from a robust EPoS. With a clear and intuitive interface, the employee taking the order is far less likely to wrongly input the data. Furthermore, you’ll have access to the transaction history taken through the device, so, if need be, you can double check the order.

Long Q's. Britons spend 18 hours a year queuing (Visa). As a business owner you’re probably elated to see a long queue, and why wouldn't you be? If you’ve got queues out of the door, you’re clearly doing something right, but your customers might not be so happy. Some customers will leave your queues, and others will be put off from even coming into your shop. So although slow-moving queues can be a half-good, if only superficial barometer for the success of your business, they are also evidence of poor customer service. A fast moving queue is far less likely to put off customers, so, increasing the speed of service is essential. Minimise the time spent at the till with a fast and reliable EPoS. In particular, iPad EPoSs are upheld as the quickest EPoS systems since they are so intuitive with employees punching in orders faster than you can say caramel frappuccino. Furthermore, iPad EPoSs like PRACTI are not prone to lag, so, it will keep up with your fastest employees.

Lack of togetherness. Your regulars don't merely return because they like your products, that's only part of the story. Your customers return because they feel part of the community you’ve built. Your job, as a business owner, is to reinforce this feeling. If your customers don't feel like a valued member of your community, they’re less likely to return. Building a community is a simple as reaching out via email, learning their name, their usual order or by offering personalised discounts. With the right EPoS, you can stay in touch with your customers and even provide personalised discounts. With our EPoS, your customer can enter their email address when they make a transaction, and their profile will be saved. You’ll have access to the top customer leaderboard in the backoffice as well as their contact details. A key advantage of this feature is that you’ll be able to treat your customers as members of your community. They will love it!

‘Sorry we don't have this in stock’. 7 words we all dread hearing. We’ve experienced this disappointment countless times, and nothing annoys me quite as much. When your customer visits your shop, they expect to find what they want. Perhaps they’ve been eyeing up a pair of earrings for weeks and today is the day they finally make the leap and treat themselves. Recall that sense of shattering disappointment when you realise they’re out of stock. For you, the business, this scenario represents a loss of revenue, as well as the loss of a valuable customer. If this seems familiar, it's time to get on the EPoS bandwagon, and never run out of stock again with powerful inventory management software. With PRACTI’s backoffice, you’ll have access to constantly updating inventory levels. You can be anywhere with the connection to the internet and monitor your stock. Furthermore, data on how many units of specific products you’ve been selling are also available on the backoffice, so you can determine how long current stock levels will last. With an EPoS system like PRACTI, there are no excuses for you ever to run out of your most popular product again!